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Adult Bible Class

Our adult bible classes focus on learning God's word and applying it to our lives today. We have a tremendous group of teachers that bring unique ways of approaching different subjects while keeping the focus on God. Classes maybe on a particular subject such as the Apostles or the Fruits of the Spirit, on a Book of the Bible or on a book about the Bible. We have great discussions and leave strengthened by Gods word.

On Wednesday Nights we are currently watching the show "The Chosen" and having discussion afterwards.

Adult Spanish Bible Class

We have a wonderful spanish congragation that is very passionate about God's word. Our spanish minister is Tito Zanco and his wife Maria. They are a huge blessing to our congregation. The class is currently studying "En Pos de la Verdad" (Quien Es Jesuscristo?), "In Search of the Truth" (Who is Jesus Christ?). The classes are very interesting and all are references from the Bible.


Occasionally our spanish group will also have home Bible studies as well. Which has been a great blessing to the community.


Please contact us if you would like more information on these classes.


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