Advanced Class

5th - 6th Grade

Typically 4-6 Students

In this class, our kids are growing from the previous classes. We are still following the same Bible Curriculum. But we are focusing on the application portion more. Each student has their own journal where they get to write about their thoughts on each lesson and how it can apply to them. We still use the bible maps, time lines and Bible Book summary cards.


Now that most of the students in our class have learned all the books of the Bible and have memorized many (or all) of the Foundation Verses in the Fighter Verse Program, we are working on memorizing a verse (or verses) from every book in the Bible -- 66 in all! It's a fun way for them to learn and remember what is in each book

Our focus is to make sure every student has a love for God, His Word and for each other. Discussion is a big part of our class.

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