Primary Class

1st & 2nd Grade

Typically 1-2 Students

In this class we add to the Bible basic facts learned in previous classes that the Bible is God's word, it is true, trusted and is for our daily lives. In addition to knowing the 2 main parts that make the Bible, the Old and New Testaments, we start using our bible more while we are studying each lesson or verse. We start each school year with some beginner readers and so they are learning some basic skills in reading and in knowing and using their Bibles. They learn how to decipher the bible text, example John 3:16. They learn what part of the Bible it is in (the New Testament), what book (John), what chapter and verse (3:16) and then they  learn how to find it in their own Bibles and to read it for themselves. We use a Wall Time-Line to locate the current lesson and how it fits into "God's Awesome Plan for Man".


We use Wall Maps to see where the people from our study actually lived and traveled. We use Bible Book Summary Cards to help us learn about each book of the Bible. We also use Bible drills, games, visuals and activities to reinforce learning and retention of Bible information. Discussing how each lesson applies to our lives, while completing the student pages from our curriculum. We also work on memorizing scripture based on our Fight Verse Program. This includes Memory Cris-Cross boards, "Bible Words" and picture cards. We also use the badges as a fun reward for knowing fun bible facts.


It's so important for our kids to be able to share God's word with others. We discuss the meaning of the memory verses and the Bible stories we are studying. We encourage a TEAM atmosphere because we are a family in our church Body. We see our class as a wonderful opportunity and responsibility to teach and instill a joy and excitement in coming together to learn and love God, His Word and His Church.



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