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What Kind of Church Are We?

We are frequently asked, “What kind of church are you?”  Our normal response is that we try to be a biblical church.  And indeed, one of our basic beliefs is that the Bible is God’s inspired Word. It is the final authority in all that we believe and do.  The person asking the question often wants to know how we worship and about our specific beliefs. We believe that it is important that we, as a local body of Christ, have a clear picture in our mind of:  Who We Are | What We Believe | Our Mission and Vision | Our Values.


Again, our only and final authority is God’s inspired Word, the Bible. Though we have written down Who We Are, What We Believe, Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values, these statements are not a creed. That being said, we do believe that one of the beauties of God’s design for the local church is that each congregation is independent and overseen by a group of local elders under the headship of Christ. Therefore, by design, each local congregation has a unique personality while being part of the universal Body of Christ.


These statements will always be works in progress.  As we grow and mature as a body we will periodically review what we have written and make changes to reflect the maturity and understanding of the congregation. God’s Word never changes, but we pray that as we grow and mature, our understanding and application of His Word will grow.  We are always open to looking at what we have written and revising as necessary to clearly reflect the teaching of God’s Word.


We pray that this information will be useful in helping our congregation focus on our mission of sharing the love of Christ as we grow in maturity in Christ and serve God by serving others.  We also pray that this information will be helpful to those seeking a local congregation of Christians where they can belong and grow in Christ.



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