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Children's Ministries

We believe every one is important in the body of Christ, from the tiny tiniest baby to the oldest adult. Every person needs to know that they are important and loved by God and by their church family. At every age we work to help each person grow closer to Christ and to mature in their faith. It is also very important for our kids to be able to share God's Word with others. As they grow into toddlers we start to discuss the meaning of the memory verses and the Bible stories we are studying. We try and encourage a team atmosphere in our classes and develop an understanding of the body of Christ and our church as a family unit. We see our classes as a wonderful opportunity and responsibility to teach and instill a joy and excitement in coming together to learn and love God, His Word and His Church.

Children's Ministry

All of our children's classes use the Bible Study Guide for All Ages Curriculum which is a 4 year Bible curriculum. We will have studied through the whole Bible in 4 years. From toddler to 12th grade, our kids will have studied through the Bible 4 times. Retention is reinforced through Bible drills, games, and reviews.

We also use different Memory Verse Programs for all of our kids starting in Pre-K through 5th grade. The kids are encouraged to learn to memorize scripture almost on a weekly basis.


In addition to these 2 programs we also encourage our children to learn the 66 books of the Bible. Once they learn the books they receive their own Bible and have their picture taken to become part of the 66 Club.


Wednesday Night Program

Wednesday evenings all of our children (Pre-K through 5th grade) come together to sing, play games and share in the bible story. This allows our older students to grow in their leadership skills and our younger students to rise up and be with the "big" kids. This allows all ages to connect and work together as a family unit.


3 month old babies - 3 years

Our focus is to help these little ones to learn how much God loves them and that He made them. Through this class they will learn to love coming to Church and learn to love God.


Even though they are very young, they are learning constantly. We teach them four different concepts throughout the year: God Made the World, God Made Animals, God Made Me and God Made Families. We do this through songs, rhymes, and playtime. Every child gets their own Bible to play with. They learn to recognize their Bible, to find Jesus, love Jesus and love their Bibles. We also use many other toys throughout the class to help with these concepts. It is a very interactive class with repetitive lessons. The teachers in this class love each and every baby that attends.

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Beginner Class

Pre-K (3 years) - Kindergarten

The Beginner Class teaches young students lessons from the Bible through interactive Bible stories, review sheets, songs, Bible drills, an application activity and a coloring page that brings the application verse into their modern lives. They also learn that the Bible is God's Word and that we can always trust it and use it in our lives.


They begin to understand the parts of the Bible and start learning all 66 books! Once they learn all of their books they receive their own Bible. We also begin Scripture memory, based off of the ABC Verses. We encourage them to 'hide God's Word in their hearts" (Ps.119:11) We also encourage our students to learn basic bible facts. 

This class is  very energetic…filled with movement and activities. The students learn to stay focused in a classroom environment. It is a fun class for both the teachers and the students.

Primary Class

1st - 2nd Graders

In this class we add to the Bible basic facts learned

in previous classes that the Bible is God's Word, it is true, trusted and is for our daily lives.


We focus on how to:

  • decipher the Bible text

  • locate the story

  • understand chapters and verses

  • find scriptures and read it

  • use a time-line to locate our lesson

  • use maps to see where people from our study actually lived and traveled

  • memorize scripture based on our Fighter Verse Program.

We use Bible drills, games, visuals and activities to reinforce learning and retention of Bible information. And, of course, we discuss how each lesson applies to our lives.

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Intermediate Class

3rd - 5th Graders

In this class, our kids are growing from the previous

classes. We are still following the same Bible Curriculum. But we are focusing on the application portion more. Each student has their own journal where they get to write about their thoughts on each lesson and how it can apply to them. We use bible maps, time lines and Bible Book summary cards.


Now that most of the students in our class have learned all the books of the Bible and have memorized many (or all) of the Foundation Verses in the Fighter Verse Program, we work on memorizing a verse (or verses) from every book in the Bible -- 66 in all! It's a fun way for them to learn and remember what is in each book

Our focus is to make sure every student has a love for God, His Word and for each other. Discussion is a big part of our class.

6th - 12th Graders

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